Create Some Clearance

I've been using the PwnCNC Z Independent system for a while now. Every now and then my bot gets a little askew somehow, nudging the left Z independent leg a little too far to the left. This causes it to bind on the cap screw in the foot. It can make the system stall and throw an alarm, and it can break a leg. Both are annoying.
Stock screw that gets caught on thingsHere's my smallest tip to date. It will probably save me some legs and frustration though. I replaced the offending cap screws with grub screws. Two 8mm M5 grub screws did the trick. Now I'll never have to worry about that problem again. So easy!
I bought a 450-piece grub screw kit because it wasn't expensive, and I'll probably need more for another project before too long.
Here's the grub screw kit I bought:
If you want to save a couple dollars and buy only what you need, you could get these instead:
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