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Sidekick ATC Dust Boot

Sidekick ATC Dust Boot

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The Sidekick is an advanced dust boot.  It's designed to support the PwnCNC ATC system one the Onefinity Elite CNC, while retaining maximum functionality, including and ease of use.  It's features include:

  • Pneumatic retraction for clearing the tool holders during tool changes
  • Sensing dust boot position to prevent crashes should the retraction fail due to loss of air pressure or some other condition.
  • The sensor has no springs or moving parts, so is not subject to failure due to vibration or dust.
  • Supports full Z-travel and clearance.  No need to build your wasteboard up to avoid crashing into the tool holders.
  • Supports maximum tool-density.  No need to widely space your tool racks to provide clearance for your boot.
  • Quick-change brush tracks for easy support of multiple brush lengths.
  • It preserves access to the spindle mount's accessory bolt holes, so can still be used to mount accessories such as lasers, camera, etc.
  • Adjustable height to fine tune the position of the boot for your application.
  • Toolless height adjustments for quick and easy height changes via two thumb screws.
  • No interference with the X gantry, B rails/feet, or the G3 Touch.
  • Good suction performance equal to approximately 75% of the market-leading Big Suck or 82% of the popular Nighthawk.
  • The mounting bracket has 20mm spaced M3 threaded holes for mounting accessories, such as a laser slide.

This is a great boot for any PwnCNC ATC owner!  It's a perfect match with the Maximize Tool Racks, which are required to maximize Z travel.

The boot comes with the pneumatic tubing, piston, solenoid, wiring, you need to provide one clean, dry air via either:

  1. a standard air quick-disconnect female fitting, such as provided by this filter:
  2. a 6mm OD push-connect fitting, such as one the PwnCNC PE.

This boot was a complicated design effort with many critical design constraints.  As a result, you need to be aware of the following, which are based on the "ideal" configuration.  You configuration may differ, and changing one thing may impact others.  Be sure you understand how how those differences will affect you before ordering this boot.  Feel free to chat or email for answers to your questions.

  • Maximize Tool Racks are required to maximize Z clearance. Shorter racks will reduce your usable Z travel and increase deflection.
  • Supports tools from 27mm (1.06") to 63mm (2.5")below the holder.
  • Supports a minimum wasteboard height of 32mm (1.26").  Shorter will require lowering the spindle or using prevent the use of 27mm-below-the-holder tools. 
  • Requires your spindle be mounted such that the bottom is at 100mm from the bottom of the spindle mount, maximizing your Z travel.  Mounting the spindle lower will reduce your usable Z-travel and increase your deflection.  Raising it will cause the boot to crash
  • Supports mounting the Z-slider on the highest setting, maximizing Z-clearance.
  • There is a gap in the back of the brush, which somewhat reduces its effective suction.
  • It's mounting height is minimally adjustable without impacting either the spindle mount or tool racks.  We are threading the needle here.
  • Woodworkers & Journeymen, due to their reduced Z clearance, will lose some usable Z travel, which is not due to this boot, but rather, their shorter stance.  However, the don't have a minimum wasteboard height requirement.

This unit requires a lot of assembly and may take a few days to ship.

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