Trick Your CNC Out: Episode 0

I love my Onefinity Elite Foreman.  I love the Masso G3 Touch it's built around and how extensible the whole system is.  It's a fantastic foundation for a fully tricked-out system.  I wasn't aware I was tricking my system out until someone else said so, but I guess that's what I've done.  I've just added and improved things as I've felt there was a justifiable need.  It occurred to me that if what I've done is so unusual, then maybe others could benefit from seeing some of the things that I've done. 


The idea for a new series was born.  I've got ideas for at least fifteen episodes.  Some are honestly pretty basic and have been done in some way before.  Others are more original.  Some use my own products, and some use third-party products. 


At least for starters, I'll create a blog entry as well as a video on my YouTube channel for each episode.  I hope you'll subscribe and follow along. 

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