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Big Suck Dust Boot

Big Suck Dust Boot

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"Big Suck is an enormous improvement without sacrificing the vacuum force when applying a rear installation.", Arnold W.

Spare Brush Track

Get maximum performance from your dust boot!

This is the most powerful dust boot we have ever used. It's heavily inspired by PwnCNC's v9 dust boot.

It has the following advantages/improvements:

- As a rear mount dust boot, it minimally obstructs your view of the tool working on your piece.

- It, and its dust hose, can't crash into your G3 Touch when homing.

- The Big Suck works with the stock drag chains and it's deep enough not to rub against the trough used by our 18x50 drag chain brackets

- The brush can be easily replaced via a swappable brush insert, allowing for quick changes between brush lengths

- The raised collar forces more suction to the workpiece when the spindle isn't plunged down far enough to seal the gap.

- The curved reduces friction, providing even more suction to the workpiece.

- It boasts a 4" dust collection port for maximum airflow.

- The wings recess slightly into the body, adding rigidity to their horizontal orientation


To assemble the Big Suck, you'll need:

- Big Suck Brush:

- Z Independent Bracketing System for the Z-20:

You'll also need some way to take the weight of the hose off of the back end.   We recommend:

- PwnCNC Ultimate Hose Clamp 4" Vertical:

- PwnCNC Ultimate Hose Clamp Base:

- PwnCNC Extension Arms: *The hose will be most vertical with one 2" adapter on the Big Suck. The Big Suck will need 3" or 4" total.

If you need even more clearance behind your X gantry, we offer maker files for the Big Suck Plus, which supports the 25x90mm drag chain.  We can also assemble the Big Suck for you as a custom request.

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