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G3 Touch No Crash VESA Mount (MAKER FILES)

G3 Touch No Crash VESA Mount (MAKER FILES)

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Does your laser or dust boot crash into your G3 touch when the machine homes? This "No Crash" VESA mount will prevent that from happening.

It consists of two parts:

1. A replacement for the swing arm receptacle that prevents the swing arm from moving further to the right than the straight out position.

2. A replacement for the center-mounted VESA adapter.

This unit shifts the screen 100mm to the left. The G3 Touch is still able to articulate through useful positions, but no crash is possible with ordinary-sized attachments to the front of your spindle.

We recommend printing in carbon-fiber reinforced PETG, for necessary strength to support the cantilevered weight of the G3 Touch.

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