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QCW/T-Track Maximize Tool Racks

QCW/T-Track Maximize Tool Racks

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Get the most out of your ATC!

If you want to get the most out of your PwnCNC ATC on a QCW table, these tool racks are a must.  You can even mount them on your custom table's T-track.

First, they allow for the maximum number of tools due to their 55mm spacing.  If you have an ATC, you want to be able to have it use as many tools as possible.

These racks support the holder at 80mm above the machine's feet.

The offset from the center of the T-track to the center of the rack is 27.25mm, which is perfect for the Foreman QCW table.

They come in singles, double, triples, and quads.  This minimizes the number of holes you need to put in your table to mount them.

As they're T-track mountable, they're easily removable. This allows you to temporarily remove the racks when you need to use the full width of the machine.

The Foreman models are tall enough that most of your tools won't require holes be drilled in the table to support them.  They've got over 2" of clearance between the holder and the table. 

There's also a 3D probe version that supports our 3D probe.

These racks are the perfect match for our Sidekick ATC dust boot.  The combo is highly recommended.

These racks are feature-rich and affordable, especially if you purchase the quad racks.



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