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1 of 6 DIG3D.FIX Toolsetter & Diameter Sensor DIG3D.FIX Toolsetter & Diameter Sensor

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Stop re-zeroing every tool change!

If you want to save time changing tools, then a tool setter is a must!  

This one is a 3-wire unit with a very easy installation.  This the unit we use and the one we recommend.  

Not only is this unit a tool setter, but it can be used to measure tool diameter as well.

This unit boasts dual LED colors.  It's white when it's not triggered, giving you visual confirmation that it's powered on. 

It turns blue when it is triggered so you see a visual indication that it's been triggered.

Unlike lesser units, this one contains a flip-flop circuit, which guarantees that the output is either 0 or 1 and nothing in between, for the highest reliability operation.

We have begun to distribute these in order to accelerate delivery to US based customers and to eliminate shipping fees.


See an overview and the installation/configuration process here:

Download the Datasheet.


Model DIG3D.FI
 Output Type PNP
Switch Type Normally Closed (NC)
Required Voltage 5-24V
Cable Length 2m
Sealed Yes
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