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Large Drag Chain Brackets

Large Drag Chain Brackets

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These brackets support a large drag chain on the Onefinity CNC machines

The aluminum angle for the trough must be purchased separately.

How much can fit in a 18x50mm drag chain?  A lot. Heres what fits:

  • The stock Onefinity Elite cables
  • PwnCNC spindle power cable
  • Two 10mm coolant lines
  • Three 6mm PwnCNC ATC air lines
  • PwnCNC ATC motor sense cable
  • J-Tech laser cable
  • 4mm air-assist
  • 8mm air blast line
  • Two 6mm dust boot air lines
  • One dust boot control cable

That fills it up.  Most people can probably do just fine with the 18x50mm solution.

Make sure you select the proper options so that you'll receive the correct brackets for your machine and drag chain.

18x50mm Drag Chain Requires:



25x90mm Drag Chain Requires:

The above links are largely affiliate links.  I get paid a small amount of sales from these links.  I appreciate you using them if you plan to purchase these items, but of course, you can source your materials anywhere.

If you're mounting these to an X50 without stock drag chains, you'll also need:

  • Two 70mm M5 cap screws
  • Two 80mm M5 cap screws
  • Four 85mm M5 cap screws


We print these in carbon fiber reinforced PETG, with 6 wall loops and 40% infill, giving them superior material strength.  More than sufficient to support a heavy drag chain.   

The aluminum angle brackets mount in the same way as the stock brackets.  They interface perfectly with the stepper motor cable connectors, just like the stock brackets.   The drag chain connectors use the original hole on the gantry block and the second hole, which the stock one is not large enough to reach.

If you use a rear-mount dust boot, you may also need an offset adapter so that your dust hose doesn't rub on the drag chain trough.  You can order it as an option or separately, here (   Or, if you need a rear mount dust boot, the Big Suck works great with aftermarket drag chains.

Some units are made to order and may take a few days to ship.

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